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Z5 Carplay
  • Z5 Carplay
  • Z5 Carplay
  • Z5 Carplay
  • Z5 Carplay
  • Z5 Carplay
Z5 Carplay

Z5 is a kind of car intelligent accessories, allowing user to project the own mobile phone to the car navigation device. 

Through Z5, user can make calls,play music,maps.navigation and other functions with voice. User no need look down 

at the screen, and  large screen of navigation is no longer idle.All you have to do is tell Z5 what you want to do.

【Series】:Car wifi display

Using Z5 to connect your phone to the car, let your car become intelligent, and you will focus on 

driving instead of distracting by phone. You just need connect Z5 to the USB of car navigation 

device,then connect your phone to Z5.

Z5 compatible iPhone and android phone with no complex setting and switch. It supports iPhone 5  and android 4.1 

and above more models.

Through z5, you can use speech recognition function Barrier-free. You can instruct to the large screen to set up 

navigation lines,make calls, play musics, even sent words message.


Through Z5, more stronger navigation can be used, like Real time traffic, latest data of maps. Besides you 

can set up destination with voice instruction, for example:navigate to the West Lake, navigate to Tian'anmen 

Square or the Gas Stations near.

Playing  Music

Through Z5, you can use sound system to play music of  your phone, high quality music will make you more 

convenient while driving. Following third party music players are supported currentlyQQ Music, Wangyi Music, Music.

Touch Screen and Party Control

Z5 support touch screen and party control, you can use Z5 by navigator touch screen directly, also the  steering 

wheel of the media button. 

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